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Welcome to Average to EPIC, your guide to endurance sports and lifelong fitness. This site educates, informs, and motivates the average person to attempt epic feats of endurance.

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Diving into the Publication Pool

Much of what we know about endurance sports originates as scientific research. This research is performed by professors at universities and published in journals. When a journal article publishes, one of the keywords or the title may pique the interest of a journalist. If the journalist has a technical background, he or she will summarize... Continue Reading →

Why I’m (mostly) Vegan

I only have one vegan joke: I’m a vegan, not because I love animals but because I hate vegetables! Not the greatest joke but it helps break the ice when someone asks me why I don’t eat meat. But first a few terms for the uninitiated. Vegan: Vegans don’t consume any animal products (no meat,... Continue Reading →

The Adult-Onset Athlete

When writing a book, it's useful to create the ideal reader in your mind and keep referencing that reader as you develop the book. In my previous book about university startups (Research to Revenue: A Practical Guide to University Startups), the ideal reader was a university faculty member interested in starting a company. For Average... Continue Reading →

Here’s a Quick Tour of the Book

Average to EPIC  is based on one simple premise: Athletically-average people are capable of achieving athletically-epic goals. Locked inside you is the ability to achieve things that today you think are impossible, outlandish, even laughable. Bike 100 miles. Finish a marathon. Finish an Ironman triathlon. This  book is dedicated to unlocking that athletic potential. With... Continue Reading →

Dr. Don’s 10 Truths For Training

Over my years of training, I’ve read a lot about training, done a lot of training, and seen how many people train. The following are not scientifically grounded but represent a distillation, of sorts, of how I think about training.

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