Tobacco Road Marathon

What an experience!  Not really knowing what pace to shoot for, I took the aggressive approach and tried to hold a 8:00 pace, targeting a 3:30 finish.  As you can see from my mile splits below, the wheels came off the bus around mile 16.  It was a tough slog for those last 10 miles with 10 pound bricks on my feet and bleeding nipples (I eventually took the blood-soaked white singlet off after hearing repeated gasps by oncoming runners).

I ended with finish of 3:50.  Not sure where that put me overall or in my AG.  A decent finish given this was my first marathon and my first road race was a 5k a year ago.TobRd PacingTobRd Ouch

TobRd Results


  • Gu before start
  • Water+Gu: Mile 4.5 New Hope Church
  • Water: Mile 8.5 Scott King turn around
  • Water + Gu:  Mile 10.5 Okelly Church
  • Water + Gu: Mile 16.5 Wimberly Road
  • Water: Mile 19 Olive Chapel turn around
  • Water+Gu: Mile 21.5 Wimberly Road

Race Notes:

  • Wheels came off the bus around mile 17
  • Legs got heavy; lost my pace group (3:30)
  • Hip started hurting early but never got really bad; a few IT bands twangs
  • Very short steps and struggled to run the last 6 miles, counted breaths to stay focused
  • ~67degrees and high humidity: wore shorts and singlet
  • Had nipple rubbing from singlet that caused bleeding (took it off at mile 20–too embarrassing )
  • Also had arm pit rubbing against singlet (needed glide)
  • May want to consider a tri top next time
  • Walked a couple of times (miles 21, and couple of rest stops)
  • Legs very sore at end
  • Took a hot bath and taking ibuprofen and tylenol
  • The next day: Quads very sore, calfs sore, hips stiff; did easy 1800 swim.
  • 2nd day: still sore; hips a little better; can’t go down stairs w/o one at a time
  • 3rd day. Can take stairs; easy bike ride (15 miles)
  • Day 5: almost back to normal but feeling a little light headed; left calf still sore


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