Charlotte CX

The State Champeenship brought out the tough competition and it was no exception in CX4 Masters. The field was 63 strong and THC had me and Johnny V at the front of the start.  After the holeshot, the field got busted up during the run up.  This was the steepest run-up I’ve seen, so much so no one could ride it, not even the pros.  But then you came back down a steep descent followed by another hill which proved to blast the group apart further: it was hard to clip in as you screamed down the hill which meant it was hard to pedal back up the next hill.  The result was a lot congestion with people pushing up the second hill. The rest of the course involved challenging switchbacks on grass and dirt and the sand pit.  Riding the sand pit took total commitment.  You had to blast in full speed and keep churning.  Any hesitation or deviation and you were dead (great video of this, see below).

John had a great race (18th) as his training continues to pay off.  I had a respectable finish (21st) but felt burnt out afterwards. The interesting twist to the race was the use of a timing chip so you could see how much you slowed with each lap (very few people had a negative split!).

So here’s me:

CLT lap times 1

And here’s the guy who finished first:

CLT lap times 2

Here are the complete lap times and video of the race (thanks John!).

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