Fayetteville CX

A much smaller crowd  turned out on Sunday for Fayetteville.  What was supposed to be brief shower hung around for most of the morning.  The course was similar to last year: flat, grassy, sandy.  There were a couple spot with deep mud which made for interesting riding.

Chris, John, and I toed the line for CX4 masters (field of 27). John and I were on the front row and blasted off the line with great start (I’m liken’ this stuff). JV was in 3rd and I was 5th or 6th for the first lap. I was nip and tuck with JV and Hansen the rest of the laps. I pulled away from John and passed Hansen when his chain jammed. I rode the last lap with to other guys right on my tail.  I’d put a few seconds on them through the turns and then they would catch me again on straights. When we popped out onto the asphalt, one guy got the jump on me a blew by me. The other guy was on my wheel down the sprint and caught me at the line.  DAMN! But I’ll take 7th any day. John finished 9th, his first top ten finish. Congratulations! Chris finished well (22) but really felt the fatigue of Raleigh. The lesson on that race for me is that being in front of two guys at the end isn’t always the best place to be. John’s wife debuted in her first CX race and beat two women in her race.  WAY TO GO!

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