MS 150

I took a trip down to New Bern, NC to ride in the MS 150 with my buddy Chip. We’ve done lots of centuries and this one looked appealing because a) it was flat and b) it was a fund raiser (code for non-competitive). Neither of us had ridden this ride before and were a little surprised by how large a ride this is. It is quite an operation. We are obviously noobs since neither of us knew why it was called the MS 150. It was a two-day event with lots of different distances from 100 down to 35 miles. We finally asked someone who said most people ride 150 miles over the two days (e.g. 75 each day or 100+50). Of course, we were “Century Men” out to bag another 100 miler. And while we were at it, why not bag a double: 100 each day. Yeah!

The first day started out gorgeous temps in the 70s and a light breeze. MS150-3    MS-1

The ride started out tame enough but when a train came by, hauling ass and led by a hammering triathlete, it was time to go. We held onto that train for a good hour, averaging ~22+ mph. Got on a few more trains. Then around mile 50, there was a huge rest stop. Being Century Men, we had packed our own gels and bars and had only planned to stop for water. But this stop had hundreds of bikes, all on racks, a band playing a large food tent. Why not? We stopped and chowed down on some of the food, though I had a hard time putting down real food after all that hard riding.

Back on the road, we took the 100 mile loop and quickly realized we alone. Not a single rider for 30+ miles until we got back up with the main route. Good riding but kinda hot and flat. A rain shower or two cooled us off on the way back in. We finished in the ride in around 5 1/2 hours. Not bad.

We hung out, watched some other folks finish, and then headed back to the hotel to clean up. Some friends of Chip’s invited us over for dinner. As we contemplated our next day, the wear and tear of 100 miles, as flat as it was, was evident. That combined with a significant chance of rain and the fact we both had things to get done back home and the scenery was not to interesting helped us decide to skip day two and head on home.

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