Are you ready for some EPICness?

Welcome to Average to EPIC, your guide to endurance sports and lifelong fitness. This site educates, informs, and motivates the average person to attempt epic feats of endurance. If I said you could run a marathon or ride a bike 100 miles or finish a IRONMAN triathlon and your response was “Absolutely no way!”, then you’ve come to the right place. But first, answer a few questions.

Are you someone who…

… is in the mid-life years who has let your fitness slip away with the busy-ness of life?

… is used to setting goals and getting stuff done in many areas of your life but exercise and fitness has never been one of those areas?

…has been motivated by inspirational stories of athletic greatness but thought it never applied to you?

…has met plenty of people who bike and run but were put off by their cliques and elitist ways, talking a foreign language?

… would like to be more into fitness but is confused about how to get started with endurance sports?

…is seeing the aging process taking hold of you and would like to do something significant to slow it down?

…sees your parents struggling with their health at relatively young age or have passed away due to diabetes, obesity or heart disease and don’t want that same eventuality for you?

…wants to be a role model for your spouse and kids to get them more active and fit?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you are DEFINITELY in the right place.

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