Here’s a Quick Tour of the Book

Average to EPIC  is based on one simple premise:

Athletically-average people are capable of achieving athletically-epic goals.

Locked inside you is the ability to achieve things that today you think are impossible, outlandish, even laughable. Bike 100 miles. Finish a marathon. Finish an Ironman triathlon. This  book is dedicated to unlocking that athletic potential. With an understanding of endurance sports and how to train for them, setting realistic goals, developing the right attitude, and making the commitment, the impossible is possible. And I’m living proof of that!

But let me be clear about this book and my motives. This is not a 16-week plan to complete a marathon or 12-steps to better triathlon or a simple introduction to endurance mountain biking. This book is meant to help you to not only achieve incredible athletic goals but more importantly, lay the foundation for life-long fitness. This book is not to help you finish that marathon so you can check that box and go back to your old ways. This book is to help you check many boxes along the way has you transform your life into one of enduring fitness and health.

This book will help you in your journey to achieve epic feats of endurance athleticism. It is divided into four parts. Part I is an introduction to the major endurance sports: Road biking, mountain biking, running, and triathlons. It is written for the novice and demystifies each sport by explaining  the events and races, the terminology and jargon, the equipment, clothing, and accessories needed, and finally some of the fundamental techniques required to be proficient. Part II focuses on fundamentals of fitness by explaining how the body works in performing endurance sports. Chapters here cover physical and mental aspects of fitness along with how nutrition affects fitness. The next half of the book is where things get more real. Whereas the  previous chapters were theoretical and informational, Part III and IV are practical and applied. Part III begins by helping you set an epic endurance sports goal and breaking that goal down into a plan for achieving that goal.  Subsequent chapters cover training tools you will need, an assessment of your current fitness and diet, basic training concepts and key workouts for each sport. Part IV walks you through what to expect for your first endurance event, be it a long-distance biking event, a marathon, or an ironman triathlon. Each chapter is punctuated by a race report or two for a race I’ve done in the past, with the hope of sharing some of my successes and failures.

Here is the table of contents:


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