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Average to EPIC! is based on one assumption:  Athletically average people like you and me can accomplish epic feats of endurance. From riding a road or mountain bike 100 miles to finishing a marathon to completing a long-distance triathlon, this blog and book help people transform their lives through endurance sports.

I’m a late-in-life endurance athlete who has completed a number of epic endurance events across multiple sports: half-marathons, marathons, triathlons across distances from sprint to Ironman, and numerous road and mountain bike endurance events. I’m not a coach. I don’t have any athletic background (sailed boats as a kid) or great athletic gene pool (mother: artist; father: engineer). I’m not that coordinated. But I love to learn and love to accomplish things. As a scientist, I’ve taken an analytical and methodical approach to my training and racing. In doing so,  I’ve devoured dozens of books on nutrition, training, and the science of endurance sports and read numerous scientific papers. I’ve combined my extensive knowledge with my racing and training experience to develop and share with you a practical approach to being a successful mid-life (perhaps late mid-life) endurance athlete.

I chronicle my experiences in my personal blog MidLifeFitnessCrisis.com.

On the professional front, I run an entrepreneurship program that spins companies out of the university. I’ve written a book about how that’s done: Research to Revenue–A Practical Guide to University Startups. 


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