Diving into the Publication Pool

Much of what we know about endurance sports originates as scientific research. This research is performed by professors at universities and published in journals. When a journal article publishes, one of the keywords or the title may pique the interest of a journalist. If the journalist has a technical background, he or she will summarize... Continue Reading →

Dr. Don’s 10 Truths For Training

Over my years of training, I’ve read a lot about training, done a lot of training, and seen how many people train. The following are not scientifically grounded but represent a distillation, of sorts, of how I think about training.

The Book is Out!

It took a couple of years but I finally got around to wrapping up this book. I've also launched a website and FB page to support the book and build a community. The book is intended for men and women interested in getting into endurance sports. It's a combination of how-to guide and motivational manual.... Continue Reading →

Alaska: The Last Frontier

I went to visit my sister, husband, and their three kids in Anchorage, Alaska. Here's a post on the trip. Day 0: It's a long way I had not bothered to really appreciate how far away Alaska was until 1) the flight and 2)the military classification. I booked a pretty simple two-leg flight to AK (coming... Continue Reading →

Wheelbuilding Tutorial–Part 2: Lacing

This tutorial describes how to build a bike wheel, aimed at the novice wanting to build their first wheelset. The tutorial is broken down into the following: Part 1: Prep and Parts Part 2: Lacing Part 3: Truing Part 2: Lacing With rim, nipples, spokes, mulfinger, nipple driver, and spoke prep (two colors if preferred)... Continue Reading →

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