Little River Trail Run

Knowing that I'll be doing a triathlon next summer where part of the run will be on a trail, I thought it would be good to try out a trail run. Because of my partially herniated disc from Ironman Chattanooga, from over a year ago, my left leg is still a little gimpy. It does... Continue Reading →

The Half Marathon Twofer

I have been out of endurance racing for the last year. I partially herniated a disk during Ironman Chattanooga (details here). The injury had caused significant loss of strength in my left leg, some loss of motor control, and numbness in my shin. Through weight training and doing workouts with a more upright over position... Continue Reading →

Wrightsville Beach Marathon: BQ or Bust!

I had a strong finish last season with 400 mile "bike race" (AML 400) and Beach-to-Battleship ironman (now Ironman North Carolina).  As I considered my options for this season, I kept returning to the marathon. My first and only stand-alone marathon (Tobacco Road in 2012), was decent (3:50) but a death march for the last 8... Continue Reading →

Tobacco Road Marathon

What an experience!  Not really knowing what pace to shoot for, I took the aggressive approach and tried to hold a 8:00 pace, targeting a 3:30 finish.  As you can see from my mile splits below, the wheels came off the bus around mile 16.  It was a tough slog for those last 10 miles... Continue Reading →

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