Dirty Kanza 200: The Real Deal

Billed as the World's Premier Gravel Grinder, Dirty Kanza is a bike race like no other. Started in 2006 with 34 riders, it has grown to over 2500 riders. It's growth has paralleled, and in some sense been responsible for, the growth in a new bike market segment: gravel bikes and racing. These bikes are... Continue Reading →

The Adult-Onset Athlete

When writing a book, it's useful to create the ideal reader in your mind and keep referencing that reader as you develop the book. In my previous book about university startups (Research to Revenue: A Practical Guide to University Startups), the ideal reader was a university faculty member interested in starting a company. For Average... Continue Reading →

Here’s a Quick Tour of the Book

Average to EPIC  is based on one simple premise: Athletically-average people are capable of achieving athletically-epic goals. Locked inside you is the ability to achieve things that today you think are impossible, outlandish, even laughable. Bike 100 miles. Finish a marathon. Finish an Ironman triathlon. This  book is dedicated to unlocking that athletic potential. With... Continue Reading →

The Book is Out!

It took a couple of years but I finally got around to wrapping up this book. I've also launched a website and FB page to support the book and build a community. The book is intended for men and women interested in getting into endurance sports. It's a combination of how-to guide and motivational manual.... Continue Reading →

Moab MTB: A Whole New World

Moab MTB: A Whole New World With my son living in Denver, I took the opportunity to fly out to see him and head down to Moab for a week of biking. Here's the lowdown on some totally different kind mountain biking. I've only been MTBing for three years so I'm relatively new to the... Continue Reading →

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