Allegheny Mountains Loop 400

I've been interested in bikepacking (backpacking on a bike) for the last several years. More specifically, I have been attracted to bikepack racing, a multi-day, timed, unsupported, ultraendurance race across long distances. Like many, I got intrigued with Mike Dion's documentary¬†Ride the Divide which follows a group of riders¬†as they race the Tour Divide, from... Continue Reading →

First Pass at Bikepacking Gear

Based on a number of discussion threads, certain budgetary constraints, and what I've got on hand, here is quick summary of the first bikepacking bike and some of the associated gear. Bike Niner EMD medium, Al frame (had it on hand) Niner RDO carbon fork SRAM BB7 Mechanical brakes and Speed Dial levers SRAM 2... Continue Reading →

Tour Divide: First Considerations

It's inevitable. I mean, if you are having a mid-life fitness crisis, you are going to think about some big, hairy audacious goal. Not just something on the bucket list, but the maybe the whole bucket list. I've got friends who have Kona as that goal. Others want to do the Race Across America (RAAM).... Continue Reading →

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